About Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis is our featured contributor this year.  She is recapping our featured speakers and we thank her for her continuing contribution.

Let me take you back to the summer of 2013. I started interning at a local news station in Orlando, Florida at News 965 WDBO. My responsibilities as an unpaid, inexperienced intern first started small. I was only assigned to intern 3 days a week.

However I was determined to make something of my internship. With the George Zimmerman trial gaining national attention, I asked the news director’s permission if I could intern as much as I wanted. Fortunately he agreed and I went from interning 3 days a week, to 6 or 7 days a week working 12 hours on average. When the George Zimmerman verdict came in, I worked a straight 22 hour shift.

I had a passion for reporting, and this internship made me realize where I wanted to go in life.

Within 3 months’ time, I went from being an overwhelmed, stressed out intern to becoming a reporter. Little did I know that my new title would be the start of a new, tremendous adventure.

At this point, I was entering my junior year of college at FSU. As the school year was rapidly approaching, I thought about the idea of reporting on FSU sports for WDBO’s sister station, ESPN 580 Orlando. I approached my programming director since FSU just named a then understated, not wildly known Jameis Winston as their starting quarterback. In this way, I could cover both news and sports in Tallahassee. My ultimate goal was to diversify my growing career portfolio.

To my amazement he agreed to it. I was bubbling with excitement. My college life before my internship was yielding little hope to my future. Now it was filled with unending possibilities.

The 2013 football season was a dream. Everything that could go right for me did go right. I met amazing people, people that I will always love and hold close to my heart. I even got to cover the ACC Championship and National Championship games as a 20 year old college student. I will never forget the moment of being on the field seeing that final winning FSU touchdown against Auburn. Life simply couldn’t get better. Now I’m aiming to have a repeat of it, and take my reporting to the next level.

It was also last year where my dad called me one day to tell me to join the Tallahassee Quarterback Club. I asked him why to which he said it’d be a great way to meet people, even though I had no connections to any of the members. The moment from I went to my first TQC meeting I knew I made the right decision, and it’s also given me great writing experience.

As far as the future holds, I’m excited for it. I’m excited for it like I never have been. As my life has turned to go onto a rapidly changing, ever expanding path, I’m giving God, our dear Mother Mary, and my parents all the credit for where I am today, and what I’m going to be. Graduation is in May of 2015. Go Noles!