Jessica Davis

By Jessica Davis. Tallahassee Quarterback Club contributor.

Scott Moore’s Alabama accent is just as big and distinguished as his sense of humor. Scott Moore is a man that when you meet him, you’ll certainly never forget him. He may also be the last person you want prank calling you or your mother.

Moore along with his brother, have always been able to mimic people, going back to when they were just kids.

Both of them would study people they saw on TV and practice impersonating them, including their parents.

“Everybody has somebody in the family that can imitate family members. Well for me and my brother we kinda took it a step further. We could watch a movie or hear a voice on TV and just pick it up,” says Moore.

Scott MooreAs Moore grew, so did his talent. However since Moore was born and raised in football country, he at first aspired to be a football coach.

“When you grow up in Alabama sports are everything. So I went to college and I was originally going to be a coach. But then some coaches came to me and said ‘Scott, if you really want to make some money you need to go into broadcasting.’ So I did.”

Moore’s first job out of college was covering Alabama and he worked his way up from there. He’s been in talk radio now for 12 years and he tells me that of all the impersonations he’s done of coaches, there’s only been one coach that wasn’t too happy with him.

“It was Ron Zook of Florida. And he’s been the only coach to ever say that he wasn’t happy. He came up to me and said ‘hey, boy if I sound like that and if that’s the way I come across then I better be doing something wrong. I gotta change how I do some things’.”

However Zook’s reaction would be child’s play compared to what Moore did to Danny Sheridan right before the 2000 national championship game featuring OK vs FSU.

For reminder purposes, Danny Sheridan was a prognosticator and sports analyst.

“We played a joke on Danny Sheridan before the national championship game…ESPN had me call Danny Sheridan and they told me to be Bobby Bowden. Then they dialed the number…and Sheridan wanted to talk to Bowden because he wanted to get the odds for the game. So all of ESPN’s producers are listening and Sheridan is like ‘K Coach, I’m gonna need some inside info..” and then in my Bowden voice I said ‘ We’re banged up…you know we’re pretty excited about the game. But boy we’re just beat up but I’ll tell you something Danny I think we’re a lot better than Oklahoma. I mean we’re dealing with Oklahoma here you know?’ ”

Take a second here and imagine what Danny Sheridan’s face looks like as he’s hearing this from who he believes is Bobby Bowden.

Moore continues to tell me with a gleam in his eye, “Anyways Sheridan took that information and ran with it. Of course Oklahoma won…And then funny thing is, they ran into each other at the Coaches Convention a couple weeks later. And Danny Sheridan walks up to Coach Bowden and says, “Hey Coach, that conversation you and I had a couple weeks back. You know, what’s up with that? And Bobby goes, “What are you talking about? Uh Danny I didn’t talk to you!”

Scott Moore 2It gets better.

Moore continues, “And Sheridan goes, ‘You did coach! Yea thirty minute conversation’…” Bobby says, ‘Danny I haven’t talked to you over the phone for 3 years!’… And it wasn’t until a few years ago when I’m in Mobile giving a speech at Auburn and Danny Sheridan is there and I told this story for the first time. Sheridan’s face turned [deep] red… It was great.”

We can only imagine what other stories and stunts Moore has been able to pull over the years. However, Moore tells me he only has one goal in mind in doing what he does.

“As long as people keep listening and coming then I’ll try to keep them laughing. I want to impact people for the good and this is a great way to do it. Seeing people smile, that’s what drives me.”